Free fall time inaccurate

I’ve noticed the unit way overestimates freefall time. It’s showing 65+ seconds from 10000ft.


Hey @SpastikMonkey (great user name btw) Have you done any jumps on the new firmware? v4.7.5.
If not you should see some improvement to your device stats when you do, developers have been working on the algorithms data is processed through before being displayed on your device. If you notice any inaccuracies shoot an email to so it can be fed back to the developers :slight_smile:


I did 3 jumps with the new software. It’s definitely closer, but still off a good 5-15 seconds per jump. Best I can figure, and from looking at the video, it’s considering the climbout as part of the freefall.

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Ahh OK, Thanks for that, So the device is entering freefall before you have exited the aircraft? I will pass this info to devs and get back to you if they need any logs to review.


Correct. Cessna 182 and 206 drop zone. It kicks to freefall almost as soon as the engine cuts. I can snag a video on my next jump.

All good, it will be a result of the device detecting ascent, I have sent an email to the developers, they will figure it out :grinning:

I did not jump with new FW yet, but I experienced similar with turbine too. Moment door is open, it’s already in freefall mode.

My Alti2 Atlas has a bit better logic. Here are some examples.
It may go into freefall mode while in a plane. But until it detects rapid descend, the freefall timer won’t run.
While wingsuiting, it (atlas) often goes into canopy mode screen. However, freefall time is still very accurate. I measured it by cross-referencing FlySight and Garmin Virb 360 data.

Dekunu seems to start timer the moment it goes into freefall mode, not when rapid altitude change happens. Not sure about canopy. However, my observations are based on FW 3.7.2, and perhaps 4.x fixed this. I can’t test it till middle of January, thanks to our crap weather in USA northeast.

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I agree 100% with you. I have an atlas as my audible and I had another as my visual before I got my Dekunu. The logic in the atlas for freefall is dead on.

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All noted guys, thanks for the feedback. I will pass this on the developers :muscle:

Jumped it just now putting out an IAD student. I did a 5 sec delay after he left. Atlas showed 9 sec freefall. My Dekunu showed 30sec of freefall.

I noticed the same thing on the weekend. The plane got to height, descended gently maybe 200-300 feet before we opened the door and got out. The Dekunu started freefall mode while in the plane still due to that small descent I assume, maybe a minute or two before I got out.

Ok. Updated to 4.8.5. Freefall time is accurate when read from the cloud. It still shows far too long when viewed from the device.

@SpastikMonkey Could you upload your logs to the server and let me know a specific log to check please? I will have the devs look into it for you
To upload logs - go to Diagnostics > Syslogs > Upload to Dekunu
Thank you!

They should all be uploaded to the server. Is it the action numbers you’re needing?