Force Return To Ground Option Required

There is a scenario where if you still have the device on your wrist and leave the DZ (picking up an off landing or searching for someone’s chopped kit) the device enters flight mode and then stays like that.

I think there needs to be a button or option to force the device to return to ground mode if it has been in aircraft climbing mode for more than 5 minutes (if it isn’t above 1,000ft)

I ended up using the reset button to force the device to restart, but I wasn’t sure what data I would have to re-enter and what else it would change.
I had left the device in n the desk for around 15 minutes, hoping that it would just revert back to being on hte ground, but it didn’t…
I reckon others might end up in a similar situation at some point.

What data (if any) is erased if the reset button is used - is it any jump data that hasn’t been synced?


@SkydiveNow The tech team are currently closed up in a meeting discussing solutions for some small bugs that need ironing out. There will be an update once they are done, thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated :blush: