Force a Manual Sync?

Just had a jump, (f’in awesome)…and the log on the Dekunu isn’t syncing with the cloud. Is there anyway to force a sync? How long does it usually take to sync on its own?

@Nailhead The device will sync to the Cloud when it has good wifi, at the moment there could be some sync delays due to updates being rolled out on the Portal. You can try logging out and back in on the device (by ‘switching user’) but it should sync by itself.

When attempting to switch user I keep getting the following message:
“Verify user error: Timeout”

I’m currently on my home wifi right next to my router but it isn’t syncing. Had it connected to my phone all day and it never synced any jumps.

It did sync at one point last weekend when I did a “test jump” driving around, that uploaded to my cloud profile and did so quickly. I think I was on the original 3.0.2 (I think) firmware last week and now am on the latest 3.3.4.

I also tried changing my cloud password just in case I was entering it in wrong, but got the same error. I’m using device ID 587 for the ID login.

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@Nailhead I have just been told that some updates were happening around the time you first contacted us, can I get you to try connecting to wifi and trying the sync again?
If this doesn’t work I will escalate your question to the tech team.


I’m not getting the error while switching the user back to myself, but the logs are still not syncing to the cloud.

Last weekend I had also added an emergency contact in the cloud portal that never synced from the cloud down to the device, so it doesn’t seem to sync in either direction at the moment. I have been able to download an update over the air however.

One of my “test jumps”, (IE me driving around), got messed up because I drove home and couldn’t shut off the device since it thought I was in the air. I had to reset it and it shows that jump, but with no data.

Perhaps that caused some corruption preventing further jumps from being synced? Or maybe it keep trying to sync that bad jump but errors out? Just my own theory…

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I will have this looked into for you @Nailhead

Hi @Nailhead - i am going to send you an email with some instructions to get to the bottom of this

Hi Brent, can you send me the instructions aswell please because I am over here in Deland and it won’t up load my last jump here!
Ben Nordkamp

@bennord i’m a bit late to the party, apologies. Did you get this worked out? I have a memory of chatting to you by email, let me know if you are still having dramas :slight_smile: