Flagging invalid actions or data in Cloud

It would be nice to be able to delete actions from the device and/or cloud portal but I’m sure you guys are working on that. It would be really really nice to be able to flag whole actions or individual statistics as invalid to make it easier for you guys to see how your detection algorithms are failing. A comments field would also be helpful so we can tell you what we were doing at the time that may have contributed to the false jump detection or which data fields seem very wrong (like my recent speed skydiving record or low pull lol) if only some data is questionable but the jump is otherwise legit.

Also, is “Time in Parachute” a separate CRW statistic or is it meant to be “Time under Canopy”? :wink:



Great idea @lamealex4 - this will reduce the amount of emails/posts that are submitted and help streamline the refinement process. I’ll get this made pronto.

Time in Parachute is a typo. I’ve updated in our dev environment to “Time under Canopy”


Hey @lamealex4 - this feature has been rolled out :slight_smile: thanks again for the idea, keep them coming