First two days feedback

ya’ll already know about the silicone case holes and power button issues, so just add another tick mark for me.

drive to work puts altimeter into jump mode, -280ft. this keeps the screen powered on and un-interactable which is especially annoying with those first load start delays and trying to make sure the battery lasts all day. have been hitting the reset pin hole to as a fix for the moment. (understand there’s a reason to lock the screen from touch at certain points, but perhaps a bypass… like a 2-3 second press in a certain area?)

connection to wifi seems very particular. I can’t get it to connect at all to our work wifi. it will occasionally connect to my iphone hot spot. at home it has to be within 5-10ft of my router. also seems like it drops the connection as soon as it goes to sleep.

weather data on main screen is generic/blank. if this is a future feature, maybe just hide it for the time being? it’s depressing seeing a temp of 32*F (i live on a tropical island where it doesn’t get below 78 :stuck_out_tongue: )

I feel like the first day I could change the landing area by selecting the option on the main screen and can’t anymore. secondly, I would like the ability to change landing areas without being connected to wifi. I know it’ll correct in the cloud, i think there’s an 80ft difference in our landing areas… it would be nice to have the dekunu know that.

My name doesn’t need to be on the main screen, it’s truncated anyways.

Jump numbers doesn’t need to be so prominent on the main screen, especially since I can’t update it to actual jump numbers. my tandem students are like… what’s the #9 for :stuck_out_tongue: wouldn’t mind seeing jumps today out of jumps total and perhaps smaller.

the frowny face next to “no network” it is kitchy and repetitive because of the wifi signal in the top bar.

my device random rebooted twice today, and didn’t log 3 jumps… which i feel like might be related. both reboots i saw were after landing from the jump and getting in shuttle (so maybe 1 minute after landing)

total jumps shows 9 on main screen, jump detail after clicking a line in logbook shows a 13 (closer to the correct number of 12) profile shows 14

first jump i did on the device, the freefall screen truncated the 5th digit… so it displayed 14,000 as 4,000. this hasn’t reoccured… however on a go around today the device went into canopy mode while still in the plane and truncated the 5th digit. As a result I had to explain to an idiotic Chinese tandem student that it was in feet not meters and she thought we were cheating her out of altitude because i couldn’t ever successfully explain it. again, a long press to switch modes would be nice to allow us some functionality after a lock out in wrong mode.

would like to see the top bar in freefall and canopy modes. sure you don’t need to see the time/batterylife/gps lock/wifi but… i feel like a top bar should be fairly fixed.

plane mode, please please please make it an option to disable the safety alerts… I bought this to see cool data, not to cover it up with things i already know how to do.

plane mode, take the leonardo davinci quote out. again, super kitchy

plane mode, heading would like to see two digits as three. ie 030 vs 30… just the way i’m use to seeing and talking about it. cardinal directions like WNW are too long and get truncated… very weird to look down and see WN. smaller font there maybe? or just use two place directions? or just get rid of it completely.

jump mode, would like the ability to set the height at which the color changes.

just landed mode, was completely unfunctional all today, i had to wait for it to timeout. whereas first day i was hitting the home button then power to put it to sleep and save battery.

just landed mode, distance to target. (thank you, btw for putting in the landing areas promptly) but i’m not sure where it measures the accuracy of landing to within the field. perhaps you could compile the most landed spots from the cloud data? or ask on the screen if it was an accurate landing or not until you build the spot?

just landed mode, help i’m lost and review jump… understand they’re under dev… but i’m kinda of the mindset that if it doesn’t work it shouldn’t be shown. a blank place holder is better then a labeled button that doesn’t work.

That’s all I can remember for right now. You guys are doing a great job and I’m proud to support you in your endeavors.


oh, almost forgot this one…plane mode, distance to dz… i can’t figure out what unit of measure the number is in, and any number i guess seems to be wrong. we do calls in the plane from 2nm, 1nm, half short, top, half past, 1nm past, 1.5 past… so those are what I could like to see.


Great feedback @AndrewKarnowski thanks so much - suggestions added to feature request doc :spiral_notepad::pencil2:

i’m just going to keep posting on this thread as the days go by.

it was suggested, mainly as a joke by my coworkers… but if you hit the ground while still in freefall mode the screen should display a skull and crossbones end morbid humor

i think that the plane mode distance to dz is measuring in meters to the dropzone, as opposed to the landing area. to extend on this thought… perhaps the ability to input the spot for the day? ie… “half past 060” “quarter offset north 070” … as it progresses, the dekunu could suggest updates to the jump run if it detects something different? share that info with other altimeters?

i came home very very briefly and plugged in the dekunu before going home… it uploaded all my jumps but even when i got back home it disabled the no wifi signal. perhaps it is connecting to wifi but not updating the status icon

pre selection of jump type might allow for better parameters for data, i’ve been updating all my jump types in the log book, in hopes this is already in the works. or auto recognition ie… this guy typical does tandems until the very last load and then does a fun jump. or starts the day with a fun jump and works the rest…

i haven’t really made any comments on the cloud portal, aside from marking for review because that seems super beta (we even click a warning for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) how ever, i’m pretty sure no one on the end user side cares about device temperature, maybe make that admin viewable only. and along that lines… i don’t need to know glide on tandems. maybe have different charts available only for certain jump types.

ability for us to enter notes under each action, could help us remember what happened on that jump as well as aid in review of actions.

on device, main screen… maybe just a button “something weird just happened” and it flags the last 5 minutes for review after uploading. then later thru web portal notes could be added. help you guys see issues sooner and quicker?

Dekunu did great today, 7 out of 7 jumps seemed to log very appropriately. no random reboots. keep it up guys!


under action detail in cloud, an easier way to go to the next or previous jump instead of going back to the main screen and trying to remember which jump your clicked on last. erm… i think it was the 5th on down?


Another day, another post… :stuck_out_tongue:

was thinking in the plane how rad it would be if the dekunus in close proximity could share and compare gps data. help eliminate bad data as well as whoever is sitting on the right side of the plane/under the wing of the caravan could still have current data (i wear it on my right arm, so most people are opposite i know)

another side thought, was gesture recognition. i found my self today doing an aggressive hand rotation, like the one that wakes up an apple watch, then laughed at myself and tapped the screen.

7 jumps today, 4 in the cloud… marked for review. Thanks!


Whoa… just noticed that if you put the recent landings map into “streetview” the landing points are still visible in the right spot… that’s just cool.


more days more jumps…

yesterday only one of 4 jumps uploaded, just started todays uploads and it seems like it might skip them? but we’ll see, maybe it’s just the order they upload… would seem like it should upload the oldest first.

under canopy i realized something from my atlas that i miss, rate of decent in f/s… if something feels weird like a top skin hole or broken line, that’s the first thing i look at because sometimes there’s an increased rate of decent that you wouldn’t notice

on the timeout screen, the time is in brown font, it would be easier to see if it were white like the dekunu logo.

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Thanks again @AndrewKarnowski :facepunch: added the rate of descent in f/s to our feature request sheet for ya too

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another random thought the other day. If you guys have used the spot assist app, there’s a feature where you can mark the location and altitude of a cutaway, and it will predict where your freebag and main drifted to. If the dekunu could identify a cutaway automatically and render the same opinion, that could prove handy.


would be nice if the actions screen on the cloud had a red dot or something once an action has been flagged, yellow dot for being reviewed, etc… etc… have one jump today that doesn’t appear like it’s going to show up. there’s an action way down the list with no exit or deployment, that i think is new, but don’t want to double flag. It’s also a nice way to give people a status update so they feel like their problems are being addressed


to expand on the driving to work bug, today i was running late, so didn’t have a chance to poke the reset button after the 200ft offset to work… decided to let it roll and see what it did. So at the start of the flight it seemed like it reset to zero. pull time 5.5K matched up with audible tone. under canopy, 200ft offset was back. it knew that i had landed at the appropriate time then on the van ride back to the building it went into canopy mode again.

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Thanks for all the feedback @AndrewKarnowski - have added your suggestions to our feature doc as well :slight_smile: