First day of usage

Finally got to use my One! Here are my impressions and feedback;

  1. Very good altitude display, clear and functional. It’s an altimiter and it’s really important that this feature works flawlessly. I’m satisfied with this.
  2. Big battery improvement, I did 4 jumps and at the end it was at 70%. I did turn it off between jumps and it was never connected to WiFi
  3. Some statistics are wrong or missing, especially the speeds.
  4. Safety tips are nice but at the 4th jump I completely ignored them. Maybe making them more random would help,
  5. On the ground I changed the altitude units to meter and I realized I forgot to change it back only when I was in the plane and I couldn’t go to settings to change it. The setting panel should always be accessible. I’ll raise this as new feature request
  6. Often, in the plane, the GPS was not getting satellites
  7. Just confirmed that One works with tethering wifi without problems
  8. I had some… techical problems and the support I received was incredible, I loved it. Thank you very much for all your help in fixing all the problems, even the ones that were my fault.

Overall I’m very satisfied so far, Good job!

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@ColOfAbRiX you’re most welcome and thanks so much for your feedback and kind words :slight_smile:
I’ve added the ability to change unit settings in plane mode to our feature request document for you.
The data formulas are being refined so speeds etc will get more accurate. And often if you sit under the wing it will not get satellites. Should pick them up again quickly once there is no block though.

Glad you are happy with it so far, and keep the feedback coming :facepunch: