First Day kinks

Hi folks. Loving the device. First day kinks for me echoe most in terms of log books and battery use but the other two I haven’t seen yet are:
Plane mode - distance to do changes but dir Timon doesn’t. ( in fact increased by 1 degree per jump starting at 120) ; and
It won’t charge unless the device is turned on (normal?)

So much information!

Distance to DZ changes but direction doesn’t. I’ll type better next time

What type of plane we’re you in? I lost direction info while in a skyvan last weekend and their help page mentions this can happen in twin otters and other larger aircraft. I can’t remember, but I think there is a screen in plane mode showing how many GPS satellites it’s connected to. I didn’t even notice it shows distance but will look today to see if I get the same issue.

C208 but the says we’re good and the distance to dz kept changing but the direction was fixed.

@skwill72 i’m pretty sure that direction shown on the plane mode is set as the takeoff direction?

Hi all,
on the right hand side in plane mode you have 4 pieces of information

  1. Distance to Target
  2. Direction of Take Off
  3. Time to Full Height
  4. Climb Rate

I am curious that direction of take off did increment by 1 degree
do let us know if this does appear again - I’ll keep an eye out