Firmware version 4.4.2

I just received FW 4.4.2, but I can’t find any release notes. Has it just been launched? Looking forward to try it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I got it too waiting to use it tomorrow !

I got it a few days ago. It has some nice ui tweaks like number of gps satellites, percent of your data uploaded and some log book updates. It also has some bugs like showing my location in the logbook as skydive byron bay. Maybe its just me but I got a little better gps reception and used less power for a full day.

It would be cool to see release notes though :slight_smile:

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I also have incorrect logs showing as Byron Bay

Same here for me with Byron Bay.

Hey guys, apologies for the delayed response - developers identified some bugs in the latest firmware that were freezing devices and in some cases removing user profiles, if any of you have an issue like this after updating to v4.4.2 shoot an email through to me at and I will talk you through the fix. v4.4.5 has now been released so update to that and you should not encounter any issues. There have been some log book tweaks in this version but it is mainly a fix for some bugs. I have fed back the Byron Bay issue and devs are trying to work it out. If anyone of you want to send through your device logs using the new function in Diagnostics > Syslogs that would be super helpful :muscle:

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Is there a link to download the FW for a manual update ?

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