Firmware updates

Glad to see those updates and bug fixes in the early June update. Really happy that the device goes back into climb mode after the plane has descended during hop ‘n’ pop exits.
Also, the battery seems to be lasting longer :slight_smile:

Much easier now, things are really starting to improve lots!

The compass (ability to navigate whilst under parachute) is the only thing I really want that isn’t enabled.
Other than that, I’m happy to wait for the little things.

Credit where credit is due. This is a complex project, so well done so far!


Thanks @SkydiveNow it’s so good to see all of the hard work pay off, we already have testjumpers going hard with more versions of firmware… there is much more to come!

We wait for it, and at least from my side, my support will be safe. Thanks to the team (especially to those who work hard in the background).


you guys and girls are awesome, the support and help you guys give is top notch,
a massive Hi-Five to you all, and also a massive pat on the back for the unsung heroes in the back ground too for working so hard too. :fist_right::v:


You guys :blush: Thank you

If like to acknowledge the ability to turn off the unit through the settings menu. Much easier than doing a long press on the power button