Feedback after a busy weekend

Ok there are a few big ones in here, but mostly little niggles. 1 and 8 are probably most important, being able to trust an alti is fundamental to its existence and being able to connect to wifi is the only way to potentially get any data off it - if it has recorded anything.

Over the weekend I did 17 jumps, at a guess 15 with the Dekunu. I made sure to charge it every morning before jumping and it had the latest firmware before I left the house. I also ensured I connected it to wifi when I was done for the day so it could do it’s thing.

  1. I can’t remember which menu option I chose, sorry, but the screen froze whilst waiting for the plane again. I can’t get rid of the viso and trust it on it’s own until it stops freezing. The other jump I didn’t wear it because it wasn’t charged yet.

  2. A few times we had crew passes, and it would enter freefall mode once the door opened. Very frustrating as it renders the ground speed pointless because you simply can’t see it.

  3. Comparing to a friends Dekunu on the ride to height, the speed and heading were different. The ground speed differed by up to 15 knots. We were most definitely sitting next to each other in the caravan going the same place.

  4. Out of around 15 jumps that I wore it on, it shows four icons in my log book. The first icon has “yesterday 8:46am” which was jump 1/7 yesterday. The other three icons have no information next to them. The upload icon has a (2) next to it. My cloud is showing 3 jumps, none of which were from this weekend.

  5. Not once did it show local ground wind information.

  6. Pressing review jump does nothing. Not sure if this is on purpose or if mines broken (see logging)

  7. I made sure to select the right DZ, however when I choose “find DZ” and it decided to work, once it showed me I was 1000s of feet? away… the other time it directed me to the middle of the hangar. Not sure if that is on purpose? Is there different coordinates for canopy and after landing?

  8. Screen started flashing weirdly when trying to connect to wifi. How can I send the video to you?
    Update: it wont scan for wifi networks, or connect, just flashes the screen weird and does nothing. I CAN exit out and go back to the home screen.

  9. WIFI never sticks. I’ve had to reconnect probably 5 times in the 10 minutes its taken me to type this out. It’s connecting to the hotspot on my laptop (because your wifi methods are not compatible with my building wifi), which is less than a foot away.

You guys might already know about all these, but would be good to know if some of the more critical ones are being looked at with priority. I want to get rid of my Viso, I really do!

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Thanks so much for the feedback @gemhodges - flicking you an email now to discuss, and also so we can arrange to get that video from you.