Extra jumps logged in Cloud

So today I jumped twice, went on the cloud and it showed 11 jumps today. Looks like it repeated my first jump 10 times, all the same jump.

John :slight_smile:

ive got this going on at the moment, it seams to be losing the connection, but not the WIFI,

I got 1 jump repeated 4 times in my Dekunu Cloud.

Pussy… 3 jumps and over 140 in the cloud…
Fast way to earn skygod level…

Greetings urs​:joy::joy:


Hopefully I can convince payroll these numbers are legit :wink:

Hey guys, make sure you ‘mark for review’ any duplicates, if you have a few, just mark one, we are smart cookies, we will figure out the double-ups :wink:

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I got pretty mich jumps in the cloud which i cant view in Detail (so also cant mark for Review).
How to delete those?

Hi Tracy, I marked the one for review.

I also noted in another Forum Thread that I have 1 jump that is apparently not synching to the Cloud…

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@tripp9r and @Wotan I will look into it for you :slight_smile: