Exit altitude / freefall time / deployment and canopy time on Dekunu logbook is not correct

Hi there,

The last 3 jumps I did the Dekunu is registering an incorrect exit altitude / freefall time / deployment and canopy time. In the cloud it looks good.

I have freefall times of 1m 47s and 10s canopy rides. Exit from 2.192 ft.

Anyone has the same?

Hi @buzz_lightyear do you mean the device logbook?
The main focus has been on the accurate collection of data, which is exactly what your device is doing, the data is processed when you sync to the Dekunu Cloud, the algorithms still need some work but we are very close to finalising that and then we can roll it forward to the device log book too. I hope this clear this up for you :slight_smile:

Hi Tracy,

I know that this is your focus. But before it was kind of correct. Now it is just not making sense. Exit altitude of 2k?? And yes I am talking about the logbook in the Dekunu.


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I’ve noticed lots of differences in the data shown. For example, when you look at your list of actions, the exit altitude is not showing the same value as when you look at the data for the same action. For my action 32539, the list view shows by exit height as 16310 ft but the details view shows my exit height as 15089 ft, whereas my L&B Altitrack shows 14840 ft. Similarly, for maximum fall speed my action shows 333 mph but my Altitrack shows 198 mph; 333 mph seems a bit high to me.

The data points on Google Earth 3D seem placed correctly, however, as SuperG mentioned the rates seem most off. The device definitely does not correlate what is uploaded to cloud so some calculations must happen at upload skewing and causing the differentiation. I have only two jumps since recent FW. However, yesterday my canopy rate horizontally was 6408837 mph. WHOA!! I wish…or NOT! My average speed always seems like it could be correct. Maximum speeds are always ridiculous. This weekend on new FW this… Max Veritcal Speed 337 mph. Now that I wish or maybe not as limbs may start to dismember! LOL!