ERROR: SD FAIL Safety override

Recently came down from a training jump and then this error came up. Tried restarting and it would not fix the issue and I thought I was on the latest firmware update as it updated last week. How can I fix this issues?

@Tracy He jumps at my DZ, and I’m familure with opening the unit. If it’s just replacing the micro I’m more than willing to help.

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Hey Sean, thank you for the offer it is very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: I am currently talking with Jonathan and just sent through an email to get this all organised, thanks again!

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I just got the exact same problem I rebooting or resting it doesn’t work. Can you send me a solution please? Thanks

Unfortunately I ended up needing to replace the sd card which was provided by dekunu support.

Thanks for your answer. Did they send you a new sd card and you made the change yourself? Because I think that would be the easiest solution, especially because I’ll need it again in a few days

Unfortunately no they sent it to Sean (fluffybunnyz) who jumps at my dz. Then I met up with him and we did the change. I wonder if @Tracy or @Mike could help you out?

Thanks again for your help, I changed the SD card as shown in the video and I could make it work which is a good news. However here’s my conclusion. The SD card is dead so I had to use a new one. It’s hard to think that for a device I bought for more than (more or less in US$) 550$ because of taxes and shipping that this device fails after only 5 months. Not only that, but in case if it fails again and I can’t do anything myself, I have to pay the shipping cost (and I’m not even talking about the taxes if any) where they clearly should be covering shipping cost for something that fails that quickly. For ex, when I had a problem with my gopro, they sent me a doc to print and stick on a box that covers shipping cost, where it’s clearly not the case here.

As I said in an other channel, the device is good but should be much better by adding some few details. But seeing that this problem after 5 months only make me think that I’ve paid too much money for something that can fail anytime soon so I’m really not happy about it.

Yeah i would’ve figured dekunu would’ve waived the shipping cost since it should be under warranty still. Did you buy a new sd card or did they send you one?

No they did not, and I don’t think they will since it’s not mentioned in the email