Error: Failure to load profile picture, then blue screen


I have received my Dekunu today. After setting everything up I let it charge. After diner I looked and I was not logged in. Did not see my profile name on the bottom and then it suddenly rebooted out of itself. It connects to wifi, then when I put in my Auth code it keeps going to “Failed to open your profile picture” and then starts the activation process again.
Sometimes this process ends in a blue screen and no reaction whatsoever. When I hit the power button it seems to reset and I see a lot of green lines… after putting in the auth code --> error again…

Please help… I would like to test jump it tomorrow…

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@PHNXLianne Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I see you created a new profile and have the device activated successfully with that. Could you please send through your device system logs so i can look into this please? To do this, on the device menu go to Diagnostics > Syslogs > Upload.
Let me know once you have sent them through and I will look into it.

Uploading now. Thank you.
Will be interested in what happened… Hope it does not happen again…

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