Equipment not updating

The device doesn’t update the equipment I use: I select the equipment I want, I go back to the setting and I check it’s in fact selected, I jump and after the jump the equipment is back to what I had before.

And the same problem happens for equipment, I either have to change the config for every jump or keep whatever it is and then update it on the cloud

Hey @ColOfAbRiX let me know if the problem persists after the recent firmware update and we can find a solution for you :slight_smile:

The issue is still there:

  • select a different equipment
  • restart device
  • back to the old equipment

@ColOfAbRiX Thanks for reporting I will let the fw devs know

I’m assuming this is related, so I didn’t want to start my own thread:

After adding two new equipment groups in the cloud and renaming the first one I created, the device seems to be stuck on the old name of the first group. Even though I’m connected to wifi and even tried restarting the device a couple times, it never seems to get the updated equipment group information. It’s just stuck on a group that doesn’t exist anymore.

I’m going to leave it plugged in and turned on overnight to see if that helps, but I feel like it should be quicker than that. Maybe it just needs an equipment refresh button in the next firmware?

A little bit of a different issue, this sounds more like the information isn’t transferring to your device from the Cloud, try relogging into the device by going to Switch User, that should prompt the device to pull any new info from your profile. Restarting the device by using the on-screen power button may also work. Let me know if either of these work for you.
We are planning on implementing a sync button to force the pull in one of the future firmware updates to make this easier and more user friendly :slight_smile:

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Re-entering my info in the “Switch User” spot did the trick! I will add that one to my things to try in the future until a more handy re-sync button is available. Thank you!

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Perfect, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: