Equipment feature

I am unable to add in my Equipment on the Cloud. The reason i would like to start using this feature is i would like to be able to track amount of jumps on my gear and in particular my lineset.

Is any else having troubles adding equipment in and is there a feature to allow tracking of jumps on that gear? Done 122 jumps on my current lineset and starting to look a little ratty already.

Hey David, I am assuming you have followed these steps?

If so, what stage do you think is causing the issue?

Equipment here is configured in “groups” … I assume like a rig & its components. All I care about tracking is the canopy, so I created a group with a shortcut name, like “pilot 168”
…and then added new equipment, the actual canopy (aerodyne pilot 168 silver & aqua), into that group. Then made that my default equipment group.

Failed to create equipment is the message that keeps coming up when i try to add new equipment items For example my canopy!

@David_Collins we will look into this and find out what the problem is for you

Ok so now i am able to add my canopy to group. Great start.

I would like to be able to track how many jumps ive done on linesets so are you able to add in there Lineset 1,2 ect. And make it so im able to manually input how many jumps i have already done on the canopy. and lineset?

@David_Collins great to hear that is fixed for you, thanks for the feedback. Your suggestions are already in the development roadmap for the Cloud, no ETA as yet, development is based on priority but we agree that this would be a valuable addition :slight_smile: