Empty Logbook, Cloud shows 10 jumps?


Couldn’t see anyone else raising this (unlike other issues which seem to be in progress). I did the first few jumps over the weekend on the device before it froze when selecting a different dz. This was I think because it needed an update.

I’ve come home and updated it and now log book shows three blank entries to be uploaded. My cloud profile shows 6 jumps on 25/4 and 4 jumps on 23/4, neither of which are correct. I did 2 jumps on 21/4 and four on 22/4 (only 3 with the dekunu on).

And yes, I bought beer! Is this a known issue?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @gemhodges If your Cloud log is showing duplicates of the jumps you did do, yes this is a known issue. We have a fix being rolled out with the next fw release.
You will see improvements to the battery life as well as the jumplog sync (and many other smaller improvements). :smile:

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Thanks Tracy! Cloud is showing the jump numbers but no other jump data. I can’t click on the date where it says 6 jumps - it doesn’t do anything and there is nothing in the activity tab.

Also, the device itself shows no jump data. I have three (is it upload?) icons in my logbook, but no other data showing. Is this a known one?


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Yes, it is, I will have it looked at for you and corrected.

Thanks for the heads up :grinning:

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