Emergency contact population

Actually the emergency contacts are shown on the device, but cannot be edited on the device or on the dekunu cloud.

Hi @cyrus100 - this is on our dev list already. The portal will be updated to allow modifications to emergency contacts and many more customisations


Hi team, back from holidays, so I need to restart using my Dekunu. :slight_smile:

Just for clarification: The contacts entered in the cloud, are they downloaded to the Device or not? Mine are entered in the Cloud, but do not appear on the Device at all.

This is why I ask. Or did I misunderstand it?

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And: Switching User does not have any effect by the way.

Hi Agostino,
The emergency contacts should sync to the device, if yours haven’t don’t worry, the new fw is being released very soon, hopefully after this weekend. I checked and the emergency contacts are definitely syncing :muscle:

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