Duplicate jumps after 3.5.2 update

I’m definitely glad to see the update and I can’t wait to test it out in full this weekend! I have noticed a few issues though that weren’t included in the “known issues” of the new firmware so I just wanted to jot them down. Most of these seem to be more on the cloud side than the firmware side.

Cloud issues:

  • Jumps are now syncing, except I now have 82 entries in the cloud from 15 actual jumps on the Dekunu.

  • Altitudes are showing different numbers from the Dekunu, and are also different if you click “View” to see more detail on that specific jump.

  • Changing “Show XX entries” brings up an error, I received these two:

  • When showing “All”:

  • When showing 100:

  • “Recent days jumping” seems to be just showing the dates the device synced and uploaded jumps to the cloud, rather than the actual date of those jumps.

Dekunu device:

  • A lot of the jump data on the Dekunu still seems to be inaccurate, (vertical / horizontal speeds seem way off). Same for these in the cloud.

These are very minor, but worth mentioning:

  • Device temperature seems way too hot. I’m guessing it’s picking up the temperature of the internal device rather than ambient temperature.
  • Emergency contacts not downloading to the Dekunu
  • Battery bar at 25% looks like it is showing half charged. It would be nice just to show the number percentage next to or instead of the bar.
  • Changing the ring color on the Dekunu doesn’t update in the cloud portal.
  • Is the cloud photo supposed to download to replace the person icon on the Dekunu? Mine isn’t if it’s supposed to, but that person is much better looking anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I would add more but the cloud portal seems to have crashed…so maybe you guys n gals have enough work for now :grin: All in all I’m glad to see the updates coming and the battery improvement should be a great help!

::edit, the portal came back up pretty quickly


Update: My profile says I have 86 jumps, the most recent jump is #89, 18 actual jumps showing in the log, but the most recent one will not sync to the cloud, (already have switched user and rebooted a number of times with no success. Logs say I have 17 jumps, but the front of the device says 19.

I also have what looks like an empty log as #1?

I have no idea how to report these in the cloud.:thinking:

Last thing is I just noticed today the clock seems to be frozen at 5:00 and doesn’t show a date. I’ve rebooted a few times and switched user but it stays at 5:00.

Oh yea, Also getting this “processing…” error in the cloud along with a tables error pop-up message. I had the same thing before the 3.5.2 update when my logs weren’t syncing, so I think it’s related to that last #89 jump not getting uploaded.

Thanks @Nailhead :slight_smile: indeed we have a lot keeping us busy at the moment - but still great to get feedback, thankyou, will pass on. The logging and syncing bug from after the fw update are being worked on, thanks for your patience.

Hopefully that wasn’t too much stuff all at once, most are pretty minor anyway. The battery update has helped a lot and I don’t notice it going dead just from being turned off anymore, but i still charge it the night before jumping… mostly an OCD thing though hah