Dropzone update Austria - Skydive Vienna

The drop zone Austria - Skydive Vienna is actually operated by “Para Club Wiener Neustadt”(https://www.paraclub.at/)
Contact details:
Para Club Wiener Neustadt
Flugfeldgürtel 5
2700 Wr. Neustadt
Austria (Österreich)
+43 664 301 33 68
Despite the address is correct, the proper coordinates are a little bit to the west (https://goo.gl/maps/wpoDVtYT7gQ2).
The landing area is here: https://goo.gl/maps/zmM9PEGekaN2
Can you please update the drop zone data.
Obviously not a high priority task :wink:

Ive spotted a could of bugs with locations too with UK DZ’s, but think this is just part of the primary bug list to get sorted out.

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@mutley I am sure these bugs will get sorted out on bug list two or three, as this is not essential for the functionality and in this early phase other issues need far more attention than data sanity checks :slight_smile:
From a development perspective it is always good to record all bugs (minor and major ones) into the product backlog to plan ahead the upcoming releases
@Brent Do you want to have these kind of “bugs” or data updates for DZs recorded also here in the forum?

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@cyrus100 Sorry i missed this, all updated for you :smile:

@mutley We now have a spot people can recommend changes to DZ’s, from there we can record any unusual activity and bugs

Feedback from everyone so far, in all areas, has been absolutely amazing!

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