Dropzone listed as 'null" on several jumps

I see I have 9 jumps from last weekend at Zhills that show “null” in the dropzone field. I noticed that those jump actions are not editable. I cannot go in and change the null to known DZ. What direction if any can I take? I can live with it as the jump still shows Zhills and all my data loaded into Google Earth 3D from the KML is dead on accurate with landing zone coordinates and all.


Hey @tharshman these types of things will be made editable in the future - in the meantime if you’d like it changed you can mark them for review, and someone will change/update the DZ when they get there on the review list (there’s a bit of a backlog there I’m afraid!)

Nah it can wait. As long as we can edit at some point in this evolution I will change then. Thanks.

Editing the location works as of yesterday.

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How? I am in the Cloud dashboard in “My Actions” and all my jumps listed only has one editable item and that is the type of jump. I see nowhere to be able to edit the field Dropzone on the dashboard portal. Again, this is not on the device, on the Cloud “My Actions” page.

Cannot change field from “null” to the DZ I was at. Only for 9 of the 28 jumps I have on the Dekunu.

Click on view and you will find this info. Cannot tell you exactly where now, because I get an error when I want to look at the jump details.

BR, Bruce

Cloud is back up. Check this screenshot for modifying the DZ location.

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BINGO! Got it. Thanks!