Dropzone List tool has fatal flaws

Any action relating to an adjustment of the Dropzone causes the devices to freeze. A hard reset is always required. The Dropzone list is completely random with locations across the globe not “the nearby ones.” The device likes to choose it’s own default. Anytime I manually choose one of those it will switch. Anytime I choose any other from the list that are near me, it freezes. Anytime I try to refresh the list, it fails to sync.

I have attempted adjustments “WITH and WITHOUT WIFI” and “WITH and WITHOUT GPS” and both concurrently.

This is all on day one, right out of the box, haven’t even been able to jump with it yet.

I found it spotty. I could select the “fake” ones and real ones. However, one I do need, causes it to freeze. May be something about DZ listing being corrupt or not accepted by device.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I am headed to a meeting in the lab right now, hopefully we have a fix for you and you can get your device in the air.