Distinct Upload Mode

To conserve battery life, make distinct modes. Default is skydiving, so wifi is off but GPS is active. When you’re done for the day or want to analyze your jumps, you can choose Upload mode to force jumps to the cloud. Wifi is on and GPS is off. Having both on all the time and constantly searching for signal seems wasteful if you’re trying to maximize battery life. I never have wifi access in the plane and never have GPS signal in the hanger, where I might have a network to connect to.

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I like the idea of distinct Modes


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  2. I like the ideas about turning off non used services to conserve battery life.

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I think the battery life now is pretty good. I had it on all day yesterday and it was at about 3/4 at 7pm when I shut it off. I was outside all day since we don’t have a packing hangar and I don’t really mind the gps checking in at least. I guess my point is everyone has different ideals. Less knowledgeable users might think its broke if its not trying to sync gps or getting no gps. We are kinda used to our phones which always know gps and connect to wifi. The Dekunu has a lot going for it but finding the right compromises for a diverse audience will always be challenging.

Battery life is ok, but far from good. Battery must last at least 3 days without turning it off at night and optimally it should last for the duration of a Boogie (7-10 days).
So turning of services which are not used would massively increase current battery life.
But thats just my 2 cents.

I think that’s a great idea. Turning off wifi should help conserve a good bit of power. IMO the battery needs to be much better than it is. The last update helped a little, but I still find myself turning it off in between jumps. It would be even better if it could go into a sleep mode and wake upon movement. Could also add some display dimming options, (dim in plane & on the ground, bright during freefall, or something like that…). I had asked about user selectable display brightness options previously but it didn’t make it to the last update. Hopefully it’s still on the list of feature requests being worked on.

@Bamwich upload mode added to our feature suggestion list.

Wifi isn’t currently enabled during action modes (in the plane, freefall etc) in order to save power, so if yours is let us know as this is not standard behaviour.

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