Diagnostic logging mode for accidental plane mode activations

This post is half bug, half feature request but the bug is already reported so I’m putting it in feature request.

I’ve been having somewhat frequent plane mode activations while driving, some of which have recorded a whole action before I realized it was occuring and some which stay in plane mode and require a manual reset. I don’t know how easy/difficult it is to set parameters to reliably activate plane/freefall mode when necessary and never accidentally, but I assume more data on relevant occurrences would be better. Could you add a diagnostic logging mode that can be manually activated so we can generate data on problematic trips? Would it even be helpful if you had more log data on these activations? When I have to reset it I’m not sure how much data, if any, is saved and transmitted.

For example, it activated in my truck going up a hill, granted it was a short and steep hill and I was doing a little under 100mph (had apparently slowed to 85.6knts by the time it started logging) but since it never detected freefall I had to reset it and the action doesnt seemed to have been logged.

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@lamealex4 thanks, I will feed that back and see what the devs come up with