Device not working after the first firmware update

Dear admin,

I got my delivery on Friday. Decided to fire up the alti-meter. Tapped the power button, connected to wifi, created cloud account, logged on to my alti-meter with my account. After the firmware update started and finished whilst on charge.

It has stopped working. It turns on and the screen goes blank. All I can do is power off as the dialogue box appears to turn off or cancel. Even the cancel button is not working. All I can do is Power Off and ON. I’ve tried the RESET button method several times but issue still repeats and persisting.

Requiring technical assistance, so please get back with me as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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Hi @Iblameronnie - hopefully we answered your request in the email thread, for anyone else experiencing this problem please restart your device and try again. The issue should not reoccur.

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