Device Log Book Date/Time Incorrect

The log book list shows “Today” and the correct time of the jump, but if you tap into a specific jump; the time is incorrect and the date set as 1st Jan 2000.

So a jump today (13/6) at 1410 shows 06:49 1st Jan 2000

Very weird…?

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@roundyuk this is a small bug in the current fw, I believe the fix is going to be in the next iteration of firmware though, we are testing it as we speak so hopefully it will be ready for rollout soon :nerd_face:

Just noticed as well, in the profile menu>stats - it shows my highest jump as 8,751ft (which is very low)…or is it exit minus under canopy height?


Is this on the device @roundyuk ? Can you show me a screenshot so I know what you are referring to please?

Hey @Tracy it’s under:

Menu > My Profile > Stats

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Thank you, could you upload a copy of your device system logs and I will have the devs take a look?
Here are instructions:

On the device go to Menu > Diagnostics > Upload to Dekunu
Tap the upload button once and then leave it to do it’s thing - if you are tempted to tap again, don’t! :joy: for every tap the device will keep backing up new logs to upload

Let me know when you have done it and I will forward them to the dev team.

Logs just uploaded for you.

Screen went to sleep and when it woke up the “upload logs” screen was there; I was like errrrr, is that the second bit of it? Tapped it and then realised there were only 2 logs in this run, cancelled and then it sync’d what it had done on the previous run.

Probably an idea for the UI to say “log pack complete, tap OK” or something.

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@roundyuk thank you, I have passed those logs to the dev team so they can work on a solution :slight_smile:

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@roundyuk Just following up on this, the ‘Highest Jump’ stat is actually the longest freefall it is just really bad wording, it confused me too tbh :joy: We are changing that so it is clear what the stats are for, thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the feedback! I thought that’s what it might be but you never know!