Device locked out and unresponsive

I completed a jump this morning and everything seemed to be working okay. I had a backlog of jumps which need to be uploaded so I put my Dekunu on the charger and left it for about an hour. When I came back the screen was black and unresponsive, and the LED is showing a fixed blue/aqua colour. I have tried holding down the power button as well as the reset button, but there has been no response. I also get no response when I plug it into the computer. I am currently letting the battery run down and hoping that once it’s flat it will reset when I charge it up again. Given that it was fully charged at the time, it’s going to be a while before I can see how this plays out. I haven’t had this issue before, but it effectively stopped me being able to jump the dekunu today.

Hi @dannyboga sorry to hear you are having issues with your device - can you please put this in an email to and we’ll help you troubleshoot from there. Thanks so much.