Device freezing - Reset needed

I am opening a new thread for this and keep it a bit more open by purpose.

Reason is: Since quite a long time today I had a frozen screen today and had to reset. Maybe others have such situations as well, and if xo, we might post the collection of freezing situations here, rather than opening individual threads for each and every new situation where it did freeze (honestly I really hope there will not be too many posts here …).

Okay, my situation was the following:
After a normal start the device showed XX:XX due to no GPS. Suddenly it showed the time but still without GPS and no WIFI signal. I became aware of something being strange, as I use the 24h mode, but the time was shown in 12h mode. So I went to the settings menu, pressed “Date & Time” and anded up in a frozen screen (see picture).

After a reset everything startet working again as it should.

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