🔔 Device Firmware Release - v7.0.9 (2021-07-27)

Calling all Dekunerds!! New firmware has just dropped! The team has been working super hard on this release, there are a bunch of new features and changes and oodles of squished bugs, details below… enjoy!! :nerd_face:

New Features/Changes

  • New Canopy Mode Radar
  • Quick (offline) user switch implemented
  • Improved Dropzone select UI
  • Improved Plane mode UI
  • Wifi on/off preference is remembered upon restart
  • Battery measurement and consumption improvements
  • Wifi stability improvements
  • File upload improvements
  • Jumplog and summary date/time logging improvements
  • Time synchronisation improvements
  • Device isn’t allowed to turn off while jumplog is processing
  • Improvements to DZ database
  • Screen brightness is kept low until device registers ground upon startup
  • Improved barometer failure detection and warnings
  • Improvements to network settings screen
  • Landing altitude offset is remembered if device resets during flight

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect timestamping of jump events fixed
  • Safety-override mode does not persist if device reboots fixed
  • Incorrect Glide Ratio in Wingsuit mode fixed
  • Delays in GPS speed and direction calculation fixed
  • Red screen during syslog upload fixed
  • Enter Auth Code Screen does not save password if there’s no network fixed
  • Intermittent Wifi disables fixed
  • WiFi activated if device is reset during flight fixed
  • Arithmetic overflow popup fixed
  • Green screen when connecting to WiFi fixed
  • Device activation bugs fixed
  • Rare incorrect checksum calculations fixed
  • Some user profile images blank on device fixed
  • Timezone detection via internet fails if GPS isn’t locked fixed
  • Switching to Student Mode disables Night mode fixed
  • LogInfo screen has one ID digit missing fixed
  • Incorrect battery consumption in LogInfo screens fixed
  • Switching device mode does not change the discipline fixed
  • LogBook screen shows current dropzone and landing area for all jumps fixed
  • NRDY jumplog issue if device is shut-down after jump fixed
  • Jumplog data bugs if device resets during flight fixed
  • Wingsuit Mode Jump screen - Summary FF display fixed
  • Low battery level unexpected shut-down fixed
  • Orange screen GPS bug fixed
  • Rare data loss and possible data pause due to SD-card errors fixed
  • On-screen power button bug fixed
  • Multiple file upload speed issues fixed
  • Rare occurrence of green screen if sd-card is unstable fixed
  • Negative altitude offset bug fixed

Some useful links:
Canopy Mode Radar - Knowledge Base
Activate Canopy Mode Radar - Knowledge Base


Updated! Keep up the good work! Thx!


Just updated, can’t wait to test! Bloody covid got me though and I am stuck indoors for 10 days!

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Just updated my device and can’t wait to test it this weekend! :crazy_face::parachute:

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Just a reminder the Canopy Mode Radar feature will only work if you have a landing area selected, check your regular DZ list in the Cloud, if the landing areas aren’t saved click on ‘recommmend a DZ’ and let us know the coordinates and names of them and we will add them ASAP :slight_smile:


Im having trouble updating mine. Its getting to 90% and says "Failed to download ‘esp32fw_v11_3.unu’

Got to play with the Canopy Mode today; top job dev team, works brilliantly.


Got problems with the sync after the update. All jumps are synched,but in the cloud some are missing.

Getting the sync problem as well. It seems to not be logging aircraft takeoff time properly.

Thanks for reporting guys, the dev team have already created a fix, we are testing it and will get it rolled out ASAP, anyone who has had actions upload with funky dates, these will be corrected, we will do a sweep once the update is rolled out.
@Sascha I will look into your missing actions for you, I will send you an email so we can figure out which are missing

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Hey, was a normal jump, not a hop and pop - and the message was still on screen well into freefall :-/

I have marked for review :slight_smile:

Got to extensively test the new firmware last week.

Here are some quick thoughts, but I’m probably forgetting something.

First and foremost is the DZ direction indicator. I like that it’s made available now… however, it’s not really usable. Two problems exist:

1st Problem: It’s at the top of the screen. The most important information should be at the top of the screen… that’s the altitude. Putting the direction indicator at the top of the screen prioritizes that information vs the altitude, and I’m sure everyone agrees it’s far more important to know your altitude than the direction to the DZ.

2nd problem: The indicator is too small and the color scheme is, quite frankly, ludicrous. First on the size… it’s a tiny little circle, which in and of itself is fine, but the direction indicator is a thin little blue arrow. It’s virtually impossible to see in sunlight and with the unit mounted on your wrist. The size is ok (just ok, not great) when it’s on a mudflap, but completely unusable when it’s on the wrist, unless you have T-Rex arms. But the real problem is the color. A white circle with a blue, thin arrow is a terrible color combination. There is no contrast to speak of and I simply couldn’t find the arrow in bright sun, so combining that with the size, it was basically a useless display item, as it couldn’t be used.

Please change the location to the bottom, make the circle bigger, and change the color scheme to have maximum contrast. Perhaps even remove the white circle all together and put a bright arrow showing direction.

The next problem I noticed, and perhaps it existed before this firmware, was the DZ updating. It goes in to DZ updating mode even if there’s no wifi, and the unit is basically locked up until it times out, which is an extraordinarily long time. So the unit becomes unusable, unless you are taking off, until it’s done trying to update. Please stop this. Allow me to cancel the update and manually pick a new DZ.

I have more, but can’t think of it off the top of my head.

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Hi Dekunu! W new in firmware v7.0.11?

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Some very small changes which are mostly bug fixes and improvements to SD card stability, if you have noticed a take-off timestamp issue when using v7.0.9 this was corrected in v7.0.11, nothing else of great note in this one but plenty more updates coming soon :slight_smile:


Another small bug fix for jumplog processing has just been rolled out in v7.0.12, for anyone experiencing a NRDY issue this should correct the problem :slight_smile: