🔔 Device Firmware Release - v6.4.10 (2020-12-01)

Hey Guys, a new version of firmware has just dropped and is available for all Dekunu users the next time you connect to wifi, here are the release notes:

New Features/Changes

  • New wifi settings UI - allows wifi to be disabled

  • Multiple wifi AP of the same name now supported

  • Volume label - Dekunu One when connected to computer

  • Changes to discipline select options

  • New battery charging display

  • Student mode - alerts disabled

  • Equipment selection reformatting

  • Equipment select ability to scroll both directions

  • Improved Change DZ message when DZs close to one another

  • Parachute deployment detection improvements

  • Battery depletion procedure improvements

  • SD card stability improvements

  • Wifi stability and power improvements

Bug Fixes

  • NRDY jumplog bug fixed

  • Green screen when changing FF display to summary fixed

  • Safety belt reminder bug fixed

  • Green/Orange screen when low battery detected fix

  • Timezone deviation bug fix

Enjoy :slight_smile:


My Dekunu got all of the firmware and everything seems to be working great. Wi-Fi receptivity has increased and the speed has increased. I’m liking the battery readout on the standby screen and my battery life has increased as well.


While I appreciate you guys updating the firmware (thank you!), is there still no ability to disable the useless pop-ups on the plane ride? Seat belt timing is wrong and I don’t care about any of other other pop-ups. Neither does anyone else from what I can tell. Can we please get the option to disable these annoying messages? They should be disabled by default. If “Student Mode” is the answer … what exactly does “Student Mode” do?

Hi Josh, student mode is designed with low jump number/students in mind. Basically from take-off to touch-down the device will only display the altitude removing any unnecessary distractions from the user. Safety alerts have been disabled from that mode for obvious reasons. Using this mode will mean you do not get the flight path info etc. in Plane mode.
The ability to disable safety alerts is on the dev list but not readily available yet. There are some users that like having reminders. Happy to update the safety alert for seatbelt altitude for your DZ if you let me know the DZ and the altitude. All safety alerts automatically disappear after a number of seconds. Thanks

I jump at different DZs every month and new DZs quite often, so having you update them is not really an option. Every DZ is different. I basically ignore the Dekunu on the plane ride now because it pops up so many useless alerts and it seems any time I look at it, it’s got some screen blocking the info. I guess I don’t understand why you force these on the users, especially when the information is just plain wrong. It’s a huge safety problem, especially with the seat belt thing, with the Dekunu telling you to take off your seatbelt when it’s not time.

A full disable of the “safety” features would be nice. If anything have an altitude warning we can set on the ground that will function like an audible altimeter when taking off. Most can be set for a few beeps at 1,000 feet for seatbelt but that is the only thing I would want an alert for on the way up. Being able to choose the height like 1,000 or 1,500 to accommodate different DZ’s would be ideal, but forced gimmicks after takeoff are annoying.

@Rim_fire you can select the height at the moment, I will create a section in the forum so people can quickly nominate their DZ seatbelt height. The ability to disable them is coming, its not a super important feature in the grand scheme of things and we are currently working on two very large features that will have much greater value for every user, once they are announced I am sure you will agree :wink:

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Glad to hear it, the constant updates are greatly appreciated.

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