Device Firmware Release - v6.3.17 (2020-06-29)

Hey everyone, there are a bunch of new features and improvements included in the latest firmware update (v6.3.17), see below for the release notes :nerd_face:

New Features

  • New prompt to update current dropzone even without wifi
  • Added weather to “Plane Mode > Stats” page
  • Ability to customise seatbelt removal alert altitude per dropzone
  • New Night Mode functionality
  • Ability to change units of measurement in Plane Mode
  • Ability to change equipment selection in Plane Mode
  • Ability to select or change discipline in Plane Mode
  • Home screen update to show selected equipment group
  • Home screen update to show selected discipline
  • Plane Mode > Stats page - added GPS AGL height

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Big refactoring of dropzone and landing area subsystems
  • Implemented support for “equipment” and “equipmentGroups”
  • Added icon to USB drive mount
  • Plane Mode - when GPS sats lost, greyed out GPS values for 3 seconds before hiding them
  • Selected equipment group and discipline types added to actions automatically
  • Green screen while charging bug fix
  • Red Screen bug fix
  • Screen Calibration bug fix
  • SD card stability improvements
  • Battery life improvements


When I try to check for updates in my device, it tells me “Manually request updates to system firmware”.

Where can I download the latest firmware and find the instructions to upgrade?

Thank you!

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@ColOfAbRiX I will email them to you, check your inbox in 5mins :slight_smile:

Haven’t received anything

@ColOfAbRiX I sent the email yesterday, just forwarded to the email address you have associated with your forum profile too :slight_smile:

The device is noticeably faster. Battery life seemed better as well.

The team is doing great. I would still love to see the feature for finding the drop zone under canopy. I stayed out of tonights happy 4th night jumps due to work… but lemme tell ya, having that feature on a high pull at night would be magic!

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How do I get the Equipment Group to appear on the Dekunu? I have defined the Equipment Group in But it never appears in Jump Config > Equipment to select.

If im not mistaken, this action should be automatic,
how long has it been since inputting the information on the cloud?

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Try re-logging into the device using the ‘switch user’ option to pull the info over :slight_smile:

Re-logging in worked like a charm! Thanks!

Where are the options for plane ride alerts? Can’t seem to find them.

@bamwich they aren’t in this latest FW version

It’s the 3rd item listed

Oh my bad, I thought you meant the other ones :smiley: it’s in the cloud, should be under the page for the DZ

I can see it, but no ability to adjust it. Also looking at my home DZ, there are some descriptors that could use adjusting. Where should those request go?

Fire an email off to with what you need sorting out and we’ll get onto it for ya :slight_smile:

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i am having same problem. I have powered on off device numerous times. Intermittently it tells me there is a update ready for download. When i go to download it fails to download.
Rebooting ,it justs tells me to manually request updates to system firmware.

Can you send me link so i can manually update.


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Hi Tracy, great software release!!!

I can’t get my equipment to get updated on the device, any known issues?

Hey @Germanoesilva, try switching user back to your profile, that should pull the info from the Cloud to the device :slight_smile: