๐Ÿ”” Device Firmware Release - v6.0.5 (2019-07-11)

A few improvements and new features are now available in the latest firmware, version 6.0.5.
Turn on, connect to wifi and follow the prompts to install easily :ok_hand:

New Features

  • Altitude offset feature
    • Set the landing area altitude if it is higher/lower than take-off point
    • Alti offset indicator to in-flight dashboard in Plane Mode
    • Alti offset indicator in Canopy Mode
  • Option to show battery percentage in status bar
  • Weather information remains available for 5 hours after WiFi disconnects

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • SD stability improvements
  • Updated user friendly โ€˜switch userโ€™ page
  • Activation improvements
  • Plane mode - previous jump UI improved
  • Minor battery performance improvements

https://help.dekunu.tech/article/226-my-device-is-frozen link is broken, my device is frozen :confused:

@Switch please check your inbox, I have just emailed you.

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@Tracy could you send me the link as well? Thanks

HI there
The unit wonโ€™t update. It is stuck on the firmware Update page with Status " Checking for updates โ€ฆ
Its been that way for a week โ€ฆ
I tried to download from link however link goes to error page.
Have restarted unit few times but always get back stuck again any this page
Any Ideas?

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Hey Alberto, I have just sent you an email with some instructions :slight_smile:

My device is stuck in a reboot loop with a blue screen in between. You please send me instructions as well

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@mhilscher Email sent, let me know how you go :slight_smile:

@Tracy my device is getting stuck on the request upgrade page and also when I try to โ€œloginโ€ to the device it tells me wrong password. Ive changed it several times to ensure the password is correct.

im still not able to update the firmware. The link to download the firmware and install it manually doesnt work either.

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@MikeJ sent an email, pls check your inbox :slight_smile:

Hello, I canโ€™t update my firmware can you please also send me the download link and instructions.

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@Jason Wow the current firmware on your device is super outdated! :rofl: Emailed you instructions and some files, let me know if you have any issues at all

The website is stuck I need to update but I am stuck a green screen on device. Can I have the manual download link?

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Hey @alphabravocharlie Just sent you an email with some instructions