Device Firmware Release - v4.1.2 (2018-08-13)

Firmware v4.1.2 release notes


  • This is the most significant update we have yet to release. It is the most stable, feature rich and power friendly update that we are all very happy/proud of. Since the last public release of v3.7.2 we have completely rewritten several fundamental elements. Over 700 test jumps have been performed in this time to identify the cause of bugs and to ensure complete stability.
  • This includes all revisions from all non public releases since v3.7.2
  • Around 200 bugs have been identified and resolved in this update :slightly_smiling_face:

• If device experiences critical error with SD-card - show only the safety override page
• Added multiple SD card safety override functions and stability improvements
• Dropzone select page: sort the list according to location of user
• Jumplog uploads - stabilised meta data and compression functions. Also added actionType to meta data.
• Add screen ‘Diag/Sync status’ with info about retries cnt, uploading progress, time and speed
• Significantly improved the reliability of jumplog.csv and jumpSum.json saving
• Move jumplog to synced folder if device is restarted before the file moving is complete
• LogBook: big refactoring (stability and code clenliness)
• Added improvements to saving user profiles and device config files
• SD diagnostics screen: added new insights
• New system logs diagnostic page
• Add screen for testing colors (in Diagnostics/Screen)
• Add screen brightness info on Diag/Screen screen
• Baro diagnostics page: show update frequency
• Wifi screen: show known password as asterisk characters
• Update keyboard size
• Update keyboard - remove second Enter key, replace with underscore key
• Fixed typo in plane mode alert
• Add new style for button color test
• An unbelievable amount of super nerdy behind the scenes improvements

Device Activation Updates
• Added help page
• Request USB power when activating
• Added new login screen


Thanks for the super effort, team!!! Happy to see it and curious to do the update and to see it work.

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Did the update. After that, the One would like to do a dropzone refresh, just after pressing yes I got a red screen of death and must perform a reset! When i go to the settings /dropzone the One showed "failed to read DB, id= xxx

Updated with no major issues :slight_smile: thanks guys for all of your hard work!

While I was having a look around, I did notice a couple of minor things though - In the device logbook, for a lot of my jumps that I know have synced to the cloud, the device is now saying that they haven’t been synced and showing the grey symbol next to them rather than the big happy green tick. I thought i’d have a look at the new Sync diagnostic to see if it said anything different, but it seemed to time out on the “Checking status jump log” message.

Also in my dropzone list, it has populated all the nearby ones which is super awesome, but smack in the middle of the list I have a whole bunch of the African dropzones too…

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@Valkyrie84 I will send you an email

@joedyson I will pass this along to devs so they can work on getting your happy ticks back


Well, got the update to work after deleting non-sync’ed jumps. It wanted to update DZs, failed, and now I have a red screen of death. I’m letting the battery died and will try a restart. Nothing else is working at the moment.

@Bamwich Sending you an email

Was able to solve the problem. After the reset (tiny hole right next to the power button) under settings - switch user i’ve entered the password of my account. The One start to download the user data and than it was able to refresh the dropzones.

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Good to know, thanks @Valkyrie84
Can you try the same @Bamwich?

im having problem with the WiFi… it just says “Inactive” in the status. If you push “Scan” it just flicker the screen for a second and then is back to the same as it was before… Its been like this for over a week now, have tried to restart etc.
can’t do the update… =/

I get that from time to time.
The only way I have been able to fix it was restarting the device 3-4 times and then scanning for a new network.
I can’t figure out why it does it though, but try taking it outside, as when I tried pairing it to my phone (hotspot) that worked until we took off…
Maybe some kind of bug linked to GPS again?

@Irie will send you an email
You too @SkydiveNow :grin:

I had the same prob… try to connect to the WiFi…
If the screen falsches, reboot the one,
Try to restart the WiFi…

After 5-6 attempts it works…
Now I have the new firmware…

did the same as you without the positive result, but left it turned on for a couple of hours and all of the sudden got a connection and manage to do the update… :smiley:

I will report my first observations later. But as far as I understand your points with the WIFI, it is not related to the new FW, but must be an older/existing issue, or not?

I’ve just updated the firmware to v4.1.2 without a single issue. The device rebooted and connected to my wifi more quickly than with the previous firmware. I have a weekend of skyjumping planned so I’ll report back next week.

First observations:


  • The number of total jumps on the main screen matches the number of entries in the jump log book, however it does not match with the real number of jumps I did (one more on the ONE then I did)
  • The number of jumps on the “my profile” screen shows another number of jumps (three less than the main screen, two less than I really did).
  • The Number of jump logs on the ONE with a green tick is even less than the number on the “my profile” page.
  • The emergency contacts registered in the cloud are still not downloaded to the ONE, even after switching the user after the FW Update


  • Changing the DZ and refreshing works fine, no issues at all.
  • Time setting as well as unit settings remain as configured, no issues anymore
  • New abbreviations for the DZ are downloaded as well, works fine
  • WIFI and GPS work fine, Check for updates as well, all general function do not show any issues.

I will check the cloud as well and see if there are some observations as well to be reported. Maybe I will delete my emergency contacts once in the cloud and enter them again while then checking if the download works.
So far it looks stable and again I am happy about the progress you made. Thank you!


  • In the cloud we can also change the units settings. However on the Dekunu I can choose for wind speed: knots, kph, mph, m/s while in the cloud m/s is not available in the drop down menu.
  • Managed to get the emergency contacts to download!
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My update was a success. My new jumps finally have the coveted green checkmark. Is there a way, to get it so the previous jumps also get some green checks. they are all on the main site but say not syncced on the device.

Also just for curiosity sake, was there any improvements to gps? Some of my flight paths in a wingsuit start well away from the actual jump run because I have difficulty getting flight speeds in the otter sometimes.

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