Device Bug Worklow - identified bugs being worked on

Here are a few small identified bugs that our developers are working on:

The team is working hard to resolve these issues and firmware updates that will resolve these bugs will be pushed out as soon as possible.

You can expect not only fixes, but additional functions to be delivered to your device.

If you notice any bugs not listed there please email them to


Is it possible to add a feature to set your start jump number, freefall time?

Reason why I ask, if I have like 200 jumps and 3 hours of freefall time, I am essentially starting all over in Dekunu cloud. Proudly showing my jump #1… This means every time I have to go to a logbook, I have to manually add jumps. My Alti2 Atlas allowed me to add previous jump stats and now calculates everything for me.


@yumanskiy Yes, definitely, that is one of the planned updates, we will be fixing these bugs first but log book integration is coming

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I assume that there will be an option on our cloud to add the previous info into, and doing so will take the numbers recorded on our device and add them onto the numbers we have logged on that, (taking note of last jump before starting with this device)
For example
previous log input
Numbers =513
FF time = 6:15:05
Dekunu log before update
Jump =7
FF time = 0:04:25

New updated log device and cloud
Total 520
Ff. 6:19:30

@mutley Yes there will be, it will be made as simple to use as possible. I have added a note next to the feature request for you anyway :smile:

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Hi @Shannon,

it looks like the latest update has resolved the biggest issues for normal usage of the ONE. Time is shown correctly and people can choose the right DZ where they want to jump. I think with this I am very happy for now. Should the link above be updated in order to show what is really open yet?

Do we have a complete collection somewhere about both the open topics in the cloud and the ones on the device? I mean bugs or (currently) unusable functions like emergency contacts on the ONE, Logbook , …? I do NOT mean “new feature requests”. Although this might also be nice to have maybe one thread with a list of wishes. I know this comes along with some administrative work to keep up collecting things, but I still believe this is in the less work than having the need to follow in detail every single new thread finding out quite often that an issue/feature has been reported/requested again and again.

However I can understand if currently the team is busy with many other topics.

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Noticed one thing not documented under bug workflow list.

Battery does not charge when device is off. Actually, it discharges. I turned the device off via power button, when I had 98% battery. Next day, after being plugged in all day, it shows 67%

For the sake of testing, I did not re-seat the cable. Just turned the device on. And it charged just fine.

Hi @yumanskiy,

I tested it today with another result. I switched it off with around 67%, plugged it into a power socket and went working. Now when coming back I switched it on and it has 93%.

So not completely full as I would have expected, but definitely mine charges while being switched off.

Odd. I am on 3.3.2. Perhaps it was fixed in later versions. Will update and test it later today.