Deleting my jumps when i push the button after landing "review"

the sync is not working well. it takes around 30-40 minutes after i am at home in a stable network.

if i push after landing the button “review” it will hang up and delete ALL of my jumps of that day, which are not synced. and sync work very bad and takes about 30-40 minutes.

when i turn it off and on first time it deleted also the not synced jumps (that was the first time it pushed the review button at the landing area)

Hi @chris thanks so much for the feedback - we are experiencing some sync issues since the last FW update and it’s currently being worked on by the developers.

I had something similar too.

The last 3 days, I did 18 jumps. Only 15 of them were logged on the device for upload. I didn’t connect the device to wifi. While driving home I turned the device off (otherwise, it goes in jumping mode). When I turned it back on at home for uploading to the cloud, it shows only 3 uploads. On my cloud I only see 2 jumps from the last 3 days in the action detail page - but on the dasboard (recent jumpdays) it shows 1 jump yesterday and 2 jumps on Thursday, all the others disappeared.

Having similar problems. Going into the log and the page is blank, and you can see the previous screen in the upper left corner.

Three jumps disappear when device is switched off and back on due to the “hangup” described above.
Now I get “checking for updates failed”, and it does not sync… even when connected to wifi.

I noticed too that mine froze and then deleted a jump I had just done when I pressed review.
I’m not sure what happened on the second freeze up, but it uploaded the fact that I did a jump, just no data to it.
I’ve not noticed an issue with uploading as yet though, I just plug it in, turn it on and leave it, normally get to check it later once my little one has stopped bouncing all over me and by then it’s done.:joy:
I’m still jumping with my N3 so I then have a fully accurate log to check and update the dekunu once options are available to update our logbook info. ( in no hurry for this as I know there are more pressing matters that the team are addressing)
I appreciate there are a lot of bugs popping up and they can be frustrating, but I’ll still take my hat off to the guys for endlesley working like troopers to sort them out.

If I’m ever over that way then I’ll be sure to get a round of beers in for them all.

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I’ve had the same issue this weekend. It held on to my first jump but the next 3 jumps after that the device log book will freeze and not log the jump. When I rebooted the device the jumps were gone

@MattSmith46 Did you email this through to support or flag one of the jumps to report it? If not, can you do so please?

@mutley We will gladly take that drink!

It does seem to be a common problem after pressing the ‘review’ button on landing, the feature is currently not active so does nothing but crash the device and delete logs right now. I am hoping for some good news this week, I will keep you guys updated.

Has an announcement been made about this issue. I know if I’d known I’m not suppose to press that button upon landing or else it would delete everything from that jump, I wouldn’t have done so… too bad seeing this too late. Or is the information still in the device and I just need to wait for an update to come out that will retrieve and upload jump data?

@JClaus No announcement has been made, not everyone is experiencing the problem and some people have reported the logs reappearing. A solution has already been found by developers, the firmware is currently being tested and tweaked before being rolled out for public consumption.

Okay, I gotchya. So does that mean though if mine haven’t reappeared that they’re gone for forever or will the firmware find the data in the device?

@JClaus I won’t know until they release the firmware, I would err on the side of caution and manually log any missing jumps, you can email them to me and I will have them added to your Cloud if they aren’t recovered.