Dekunu won't respond after a long shutdown

If you are like me, and you let your dekunu sleep for a long time without powering it on (Winter in the Midwest)

I have noticed that it does not like to be woken up. Non responsive first thing in the morning just like me before my coffee.

What I have noticed, is if you simply leave it be for 20-30 minutes and come back to it, it will be juuuuust fine. You may or may not have to reset it at that time but wit this device patience is a virtue.

Im unsure if this is a bug, or simply a systems loading all the stuff after being dormant for a long time.
I thought I would just put this in here as spring is around the corner, and people are probably starting to fire up the toys for the year.

Be patient friends.

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@FluffyBunnyz I can totally relate to not wanting to wake up, iā€™m a year round napper though :rofl:
This is very interesting, if possible (if you remember to) when this happens again, can you send through a copy of the device logs then send me a pm to let me know? We can investigate and try to create a solution for lazy devices :sleeping:
To send through your logs on the device, go to Menu > Diagnostics > Syslogs > Upload to Dekunu :ok_hand:

As it would turns out, the sleepy device was receiving pressure on the screen from the case itself. I worked with your amazing techs out there to learn of a very fast / effective way to fix the issue for the time being.

Even gave some advise to build into the new models that might save this from happening in the future.

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Well thank you kindly :slight_smile:
The development team are making good use of the lockdown so we appreciate your feedback and suggestions

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