Dekunu will no longer charge :(

My Dekunu battery suddenly started depleting at a ridiculous speed, and even using the Dekunu supplied long-nose cable and a power cube, it just won’t charge now, whether or not it’s turned on or off.

Has anyone tried replacing the battery themselves? I’d also like to replace the microUSB (which I have always hated) with a USB-C connection. Why anyone uses MicroUSB I have no idea.

Haven’t heard back from Dekunu on my last question, so I presume they aren’t really doing anything anymore and it’s up to us to do things ourselves, which is sad.

As of now, my Dekunu is completely worthless so I might as well see if I can mod it myself.

Dekunu should open source the software at this point as well, because no updates or development seems to be happening at all.

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Took the Dekunu apart, removed battery for 5 mins, held down power and reset buttons, plugged battery back in and now it’s working again, and charging.

The battery in fact had 85% charge, but was reading 0% and not charging previously

Hi @gevans as you are hopefully aware, Dekunu is currently ‘on-hold’ - I believe I did respond to your email but in case anyone else experiences the same issue and needs advice, simply disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it will resolve any battery charging issues. No need to press any buttons. If the issue is not resolved, the cause is most likely either the cable or the power source.
Please email for assistance and access to a video showing how to correctly complete the procedure

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Hey Tracy,

I didn’t see the email, but it’s now charging pretty well. Is there a way to get a replacement button? Mine broke.

Any plans on getting back up and running in 2023? I know there’s a lot of people that live their Dekunu, including me, and we’d love to see some firmware updates and hear that you all are back to being able to manufacture the product :slightly_smiling_face:



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