Dekunu Refuses to Charge

Hi there,

I bought a Dekunu a couple of years back, and it’s given up! It won’t charge anymore. When switched on, it displays an empty red battery with 0% written in it for a second and then shuts off again. When pressing the reset button, it seems that it does start to reset, but no difference when powering up. I’ve tried using various usb cables and power sources. I have left it overnight and it still refuses to charge. Please help, as we are in the middle of a boogie :frowning:

Hi @Greegs thanks for posting, if your device has been unused for a long period of time it will take some time for the battery to charge, this is a safety function of LiPo batteries to prevent damage to the cell from charging too fast.
Please follow these instructions -

  • Remove the device from the wrist mount (or wingsuit mount)
  • Check the USB port for debris or potential obstructions
  • Connect a USB cable to the device and a strong power source - wall socket is best, don’t connect to a computer or power bank
  • Leave it to charge for a couple of hours, don’t press any buttons or anything

If you continue to have issues, please send an email to

Hope this helps