Dekunu & GoPro 7

Anybody else running a GoPro 7 and finding the screen hard to film?

What I can only assume is the Dekunu screen refresh rate plays havoc with the GoPro? So many times trying to film it for inflight videos etc and having to spend a couple of minutes finding the perfect angle where the screen will actually show up on the camera :joy::rofl:

I’ve not yet tried with my 7, only had a couple of jumps with it and not really played about too much, but I had a lot of flickering with my 3+ black, I can only assume it’ll be due to refresh rates and FPS,

I shoot video with a hero 6 and have the same issue. I usually have to video my other Alti or someone else’s on the plane

Mine films great with my GoPro 7 at 1440/60fps

Must just be us plebs down here in PAL land at 50fps :wink:

Thats another possibility as well.