Dekunu Freeze Display - Transferred to email comms

Hey Guy´s out there, i did two jumps today und after connecting with my mobile hotspot i was trying to refresh my home drop zone, after that the dekunu startet, but freeze at the white Dekunu Logo.
Nothing Help!
No reset, no connetion to the computer.
Is it possible to “hardreset” the device?

Any combination of pushing the reset and power button like iphone or something else?
Why the support didn´t get an “program” to reset or installing some features on the device?

I hope some one can help me out there

@Yoschi there is a reset button, it is located next to the power button. If you cannot find it, take a look at the quickstart guide :slight_smile:

Hey Tracy, i know the button but it didn´t work!
That is my fucking problem, nothing helps, no connection to the computer, no reset, nothing.
If its possible you cann take a look at the dekunu by teamviewer?

Iam from germany and i don´t want to send it back,… that makes me so angry, i waiting 5 month did 2 jumps and the dekunu is still freeze at the display!

At starting up the display tells me that everything is fine but its still freeze in the logo from dekunu

Please take a look at my Video,…

I need help really, please let me know how i can fix the bug.

@Yoschi Hey Patrick, thanks for the video, I will get one of the tech guys to take a look.
We are about to roll out a fix for some bugs so hopefully this will solve yours too.
I will send you an email so we can organise a solution.