Dekunu doesn't switch DZ

I was in Skydive Lucca, found as paracadutismo Lucca on the Dekunu list. The device told me that I was not near the landing area, which was correct. The DZ I was at was not on the list on the device, however it was on the list on the phone and laptop. I tried switching to the new DZ under location preferences, both on the phone (ios) and computer (macos) but it never activated on the device. All jumps I made that weekend may 24-26 were logged under the wrong dz.

Can I avoid this in the future somehow?

Hey Johannes, thanks for posting :slight_smile: To change DZ’s on the device, it needs a connection to wifi. If you are connected to wifi and GPS on the device and your DZ is not listed, you can tap the refresh button in the Dropzones tab - the list will refresh and show the 10 closest DZ’s to your location and all of the DZ’s you have saved in ‘Regular Dropzones’ in your Cloud profile.
Improvements are planned for the Cloud in the future so that it will automatically detect the GPS coordinates and update the DZ for you once the logs have synced.
I will change the logs from 24-26th for you, you can enter each action and modify the location yourself if this happens again.
Let me know if you need any further clarification :slight_smile:

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