Dekunu completely unresponsive, will not turn on

I have had nothing but issues with my Dekunu. The most common problem is that the wifi constantly connects then disconnects. Currently the device will not even power on and the light has been red for over a day. I also can not connect the device to my computer. Please Help!

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I’ve had the same problem since last year and have had no luck getting any kind of fix. I’ve reported the problem numerous times I did have to send it to California for a few weeks to get one problem of catastrophic failure fixed. When it came back, it worked fine for a few weeks before the WiFi problem… had to switch back to my old alti- I keep trying to send emails to tech services. I’ve stopped receiving responses about a possible fix…I had a response, last year around October-November to get a reply and was told “it would probably have a fix sometime next year.” if you hear anything about any solution please post…

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I’ve only had mine since December and like it a lot. But the WiFi issues are pretty bad. Has to connect 4-5 times and then maybe it will sync.


Any relief on the bugs and stuff not happening with your device. I went back to my Alti as my “go to altimeter.” If I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have purchased the Dekunu. It’s turned out to be one headache after another from the information being completely wrong or just not showing up at all. I was giving the benefit of the doubt to Dekunu about being a new company and “giving time to work out bugs” but, I just can’t honestly trust my life to a device that I can’t rely on to be there when I need it.
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Hi @hazmat2469 are there specific bugs that you are referring to? Just going off your post above, the latest firmware has massive wifi improvements and there are some significant improvements to SD card stability in the latest version of firmware too, the ‘catastrophic failure’ you mentioned I believe was a critical error (note for any interested readers - this is a safety function built into the device to ensure that the altimeter still functions if an SD card problem is detected by the device - all non-essential features are disabled and the altitude will still be displayed). If you are experiencing any different issues please let me know, it is best to email if you need immediate help :slight_smile: