website issue ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE - happening again

I’m getting this again. I’ve been jumping my unit today for the first time and it hasn’t synced. I was wondering if I was missing how to do it, but I see it should be automatic. Are the issues related?

I’m also seeing that message and the cloud website has been slow all day today for me too. I’m guessing there is a lot more traffic hitting the website with the 2nd round of new Dekunu owners now trying to sync at the same time. Today was the first time I noticed this.

I’m got this… None of my jumps synced to the cloud…

Hey guys,
It is likely the developers were working on the Cloud platform, that is the error message when they take it offline to update or change something. Keep letting me know if you get the message, it is how I can tell if they are working or skiving :rofl::rofl:
Hopefully those syncing issues are gone with the new update :slight_smile: