Daylight Savings Time

I’m not sure if this is a setting or a bug, but I cannot figure out how to get the altimeter to display the correct time ever since Daylight Savings Time went into effect for my region. The clock is still an hour behind. Is there a toggle switch that I am missing somewhere in the settings that tells the device to recognize daylight savings time?

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The DST switch is handled on the server side, so if you go into the list of dropzones on your device (while connected to wifi) and hit the refresh button and re-select your dropzone, it should update to the correct time.


I just set up multiple customer’s devices for the first time last week and they were all an hour behind once they were connected and the DZ was selected. Interestingly enough, the timestamps on the cloud were correct. It’s just the time displayed on the unit that is off.

Hey @jphart03 - the time will auto update when the device is connected to wifi, dropzone is selected and then GPS sats picked up. The key here I believe is picking up GPS connection.

Just some feedback … you should reconfigure it to set the time zone another way without the need for GPS. My apartment can’t reach the GPS, even if I stretch out over the balcony ledge.

I also have jumped for two weeks with the DST problem. I tried to tether while at the DZ from my iPhone but easier said than done… most DZs have shit internet, so having both GPS and descent WiFi? It’s a rare occurrence.

I agree with @brentski. Setting the time as it is now is inconvenient.

Agreed. There should be a manual option. There is no reason to force reliance on the internet and gps.

Hey guys, you don’t need a wifi connection to update the time on the device, it will update on your device as long as you a) have the correct DZ selected and b) have GPS connection.
If you are referring to the time since daylight savings ended or began - the server updates time-zones for each dropzone every week on a Friday afternoon AEST. Dates and times for daylight savings differ country to country so for now this is the simplest method of updating the data.
Basically, the time on your device will update on Friday as long as you have connected the device to wifi and selected the correct DZ prior to heading out to jump.
If this is huge deal for you i’d be happy to manually update your DZ, just drop a comment below