Data Wrong in cloud

My data from yesterday (Sunday the 22nd) is incorrect.

Take off times are all wrong. Landing times are correct. Time in plane is wrong (and doesn’t even match up to the incorrect take off times… seems to just be random data)

Hi Josh, thanks for reporting, I think that this issue was the result of a small bug in firmware v7.0.9, the bug was related to takeoff timestamps being recorded incorrectly which then resulted in some actions being displayed out of order and time in plane showing incorrectly. If you have updated your firmware to v7.0.11 the problem should not reoccur.

Hi Tracy. I have the same issue. Is there any way manually correcting the time stamp for the plane? the couple of hours of taxiing is really messing up my dashboard :slight_smile:


Hopefully we will be able to recalculate all affected actions. waiting for the devs to investigate and then they can do a sweep once priorities allow for it, I will update you if there are any expected delays :slight_smile:

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