Data & Log Book Issues, Data from Device doesn't match Online log after Upload

OK, Guys what’s up with this!

My mistake I decided to use this as a logbook replacement, BAD IDEA…
I’m going through my online logbook to export to my S&TA to get my jumps signed off.

The problem is the Data is simply wrong, and not a little wrong but completely wrong!

The Data in the Unit it’s self is correct, you can see this on the pictures I attached. But the data on the online logbook online is completely incorrect, exit altitude is off by 5k, freefall time cut in half, etc. I really don’t see how your system could get this so wrong after upload. Lastly, how am I suppose to trust this thing let alone with my Data but my life, even as a backup…

As well I’m trying to input the aircraft info in the Logbook, and it is asking me for the registration number and the name of the aircraft. Who, ever knows this information or puts this in it’s, logbook.

You guys were super accommodating in getting me this unit, but after almost a year I’m disappointed. I simply can’t trust any of the Data.

Please help me fix this I need this logbook Data to be represented correctly or I’m going to lose a lot of jumps.

Thank you guys I know you are working and trying hard and I want to love this product and sing your praises, but at this time I simply can not.

Sorry for the tone of the post, hope we can get this figured out guys.