Data Difference

Hey @Tracy - so I get the maps and viz stuff is in beta, but first question; does the actions list round up? I have an exit there on a jump of 11,050ft, but when I export the log book it’s 11,047.

Second, really strange data; jumped with a mate (@Patch) (he swooped down to me with minimal separation) - shows his exit as 11,810ft and mine at 11,050ft - that doesn’t make sense to me!

I mean, maybe my device took longer to recognise the freefall? But what would could cause that?

@roundyuk it could partly be the recognition of freefall, if your friend dove down to you he would likely have been ascending faster than you were, it could also be the same data processing issue, look at the 2D map of your action, you can see that freefall begins early when you are clearly still in the plane and possibly still climbing? - Either way both should be cleared up within the next dev sprints with the refining of those algorithms. Might be good to have data from two people on the same jump for dev purposes though so I will feed this back to the team :slight_smile:

Hey Tracey, these two jump we were together and linked as we exited…

This one also:

(Ignore times as Patch has the timestamp issue going on quite a bit)

Hey @roundyuk I have checked all of these actions and the cause is the exit calculation (that we are currently working on) if you look at the 2D or 3D maps, some of jump run is being displayed as freefall. These are the exit altitudes that I am getting:
Action 318296 - 10653ft
Action 318292 - 10650ft
Action 318864 - 10928ft
Action 318517 - 10927ft

All looks good, once the algorithm for the 2D and 3D maps is refined all of these actions will be reprocessed :slight_smile: