Customer Service...WOW!

ok I am having issues with my new Dekunu and reached out to customer service. All I can say is WOW! I am super impressed with the speed of response and there willingness to make it right. I read high reviews about the company which helped me make my decision over other devices but I am a phone guy and was worried as there is no direct number that i know of for the U.S. Tommer Vardi was amazing. Did not talk down or argue, just wanted to make it right. Just wanted to share how impressed I am.


Right! Same like me… thanks Tracy… dekunu is awesome!


Thanks for your very kind comments guys :hugs:

I have never experienced better customer service anywhere!!! I took an unintentional dip in the swoop pond at Zhills on an extremely windy day, Earned me the nickname of “High Tide”, Dekunu repaired my Unit at no cost to me, They are fantastic, Thank you, Tracy.


Gotta love how skydivers earn their nicknames :joy: Thank you for your kind words.
Stay dry! :sweat_drops:

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