Current ground altitude & zeroing out altimeter

I just purchased a Dekunu One today and can’t wait to jump with it! A couple things I want to know first is how to verify the ground altitude at the LZ and how to zero it out if the value is incorrect?

Hi dude,

your unit will automatically zero when on the ground when turned on.
If there is a +/- in altitude once landed, this would normally be due to barometric pressure changes between registered take off and landing.

If your landing area has a knows elevation difference from take off, for instance you are landing at a different LZ, there is an option to change your off set.

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Hey, I’m just looking into having some clarifications about the altitude zeroing. Does it zeroes when turned on or when taking off? I’m asking this since if you turn on your device and it zeroes at that time then if pressure varies during the day it won’t be at zero anymore. On the opposite let’s assume it zeroes just before take off, but this time you turn on your device at your Landing Area (which is let’s say higher by a 1,000ft than the runway) thinking that your device will keep your Landing Area as the zero you will be 1,000ft lower :frowning:

So which one is correct: Does it zeroes when turned on or when taking off?

Thanks :pray:

Hi @johnbenz, the device zeros itself every 60 seconds in Ground Mode, so will likely zero just before you take off. If the landing area is 1000ft higher/lower than the take-off location you can set an altitude offset on the device by going to Menu > Jump Config > Alti Offset. When you have set this there will be an orange band on the home screen of the device showing the value you have offset, more info on this here :slight_smile:

As I choose to turn the device off between jumps (for battery saving), sometimes I forget to turn it on before taking off.
Most of the time, I turn it on in the plane, therefore there is an altittude offset, difficult to measure
The solution is “buy yourself a brain”.
Another idea may be to have an altitude setup button by GPS as GPS knows the ground position.

lol yeah… not ideal to do that, thanks for the suggestion though, I will feed it back to the dev team :slight_smile:

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