Currency on your order

On the order I received by mail, the amount for the Dekunu one is in AU$.
On my profile, I use Euro as default currency, chosen when I placed my order.

Last week I noticed that the price on my order of the device (viewed online on my profile), was suddenly 526,36€ instead of 366€ (in the shop). Also the prices of the other items (extra mounts) are more expensive on my order than in the shop (44€ instead of 31€), etc.

On the order I received via mail, in AU$, there is again another amount for the device.

I noticed when I change the currency, the sign changes (€ -> AUD,…) but the amounts stays the same. I guess the currency on the order on our online profile is always shown in USD.

Hey @stirre - thanks for the heads up. Rest assured you were charged the correct amount in Australian dollars. There is a known bug with our e-commerce platform when re-sending invoices when a different currency is set by the user (even if automatically set). it’s on our bug tracker to resolve

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I noticed that too, im showing Β£ and a total that is equal to AUD